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I made this photo last year in Carí

I saw this place 40 years ago for the first time and during long time each pair of months. Now only by a short time every 4 years. I return here and my thoughts return to their roots.

There are things in life that can age and do not lose their value. In the opposite, transform themself during the years into something more and more deep and beautiful.

The same thing happens to very dear people or special places.
As it is for me this place. Carí, a small mountainous town in the Italian part of the Swiss Alps,
located in the Ticino state.

The same raisin with good poems.
We can return and to return to read them during years and we continue liking.

The true poems touch our feelings in the same way as it touches an artist his harp.

Cannobio is for me like a harp, a spiritual treasure.

Welcome to Cannobio on the western shore of Lake Maggiore in the north of Italy on the southern side of the Alpes between Piemont and Lombardia, about eight kilometers south of the Swiss-Italian border, north of Stresa and south of Ascona, at eastern end of Valle Romantica.
I only know this place through my trips in the Internet. Sometimes I visit it, because I like it much.

These two places have much in common:
Memories and that the old and gone are not always obsolete.
Many times they stay by us the rest of our life.
The same happens with good poems.

Not everything in life is analytical.
Sometimes we like to close our eyes, to dream without thinking
about something concrete.
To let pass our fantasy through our mind and heart.
The fantasy gives color to our life.
Perhaps we can imagine at the end of this way
of dreams and fantasies an image like this.

Wisdoms, written of the life:

A deception is the end of an illusion.

You can totally enjoy your life between two suns.
And by the rest of your life you die slowly.

Guardian Angel

you are my guardian angel,
i just thought you should know.
you were the reason i was able,
to let my troubles go.

you were always there,
always flying oh so high.
never blinded for a moment,
but now you said good bye.

i will always remember you,
for in my heart you will stay,
never even for a moment,
will i let your memory stray.

just let the tears slide down,
cause i know that again one day,
we will find eachother, 
and all the hurt will melt away.

keep your spirits high,
and you know where will keep mine.
cause one day soon you will see the sun,
and into your life it will shine.


A toast in honor of the humanity
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History & Culture


What would be this place without including something of some
of the great cultures of the world, like
Ancient Greece , Ancient Egypt and Ancient Rome ?

It would be as an excellent food without the select wine.


And what you think of the regional cultures of the world?
Also them left and continue leaving their tracks.

A good example are the Walser.
Mainly they live in both sides of the border of
Switzerland with Italy.

The Walsers teaches something to us very important:
With  understanding and cooperation the borders do not exist.

We can be all brothers and sisters.
This will have to be the goal of this new century:
To manage to be a one family who extends the planet mainly Earth.
Without war, intrigue and violence.
A dream? Perhaps, but is worth the trouble to try to make it.

I included this link by memories to Switzerland and Spiritual Feelings.

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